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A wide range of ingredients and raw materials for the production of Gelato, Ice cream and pastries. LucaMari Co Ltd also provides compound preparation, pre-mixed ingredients, customized and personalized on the direct desire of customers, to simplify operations increasing and controlling standard of productions.



Ice Cream machines, Pasteurizers, Cabinets, equipments and accessories for Gelato, Ice cream, Bakery&Pastry productions. Starting from customer's project or, developing new projects, LucaMari Co Ltd suggest and supply the adequate solution, in order to match up customers desires.


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General tools, such as spatulas, batches, moulds, cups, packaging, specifically suitable for our referred businesses and activities, are part of LucaMari added service, provided to better serve our customers, inside a “one stop service concept, one of our goals. A wide selection of Silicon Moulds for Ice Cream Sticks, Gelato and Pastry Cakes, Bakery products and so on, is always available in our stock, mostly available any time. LucaMari provides also Personalized branded Customized cups to immediately mark your signature Brand, as well as Styrofoam thermic boxes, specific for Gelato Take-away in family sizes.


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