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Course Philosophy:


We are totally aware of how difficult it is for people in Asia to find comprehensive and detailed courses concerning Italian gelato, Ice-Cream and Iced-Pastry sector. LucaMari Co., Ltd. plays an important rule in the development of Italian Gelato and Ice Cream, spreading the knowledge of the real Italian Gelato in Thailand, and neighbouring countries.

We are strongly, convinced that learning is one of the major keys to success both in business and in life. In Gelato business, beginners need to learn the basic notions necessary to run it out, as well as experienced people needs to keep the eyes on news and novelties in the field. New Products, Trends, Equipments, Technical Improvements, all require regular professional learning and refreshments.

At the same time, transferring our experience and skills to others thus allow us to get perception of market changes, and to establish an advantageous exchange of ideas and knowledge with other operators. Surely, "Gelato", the Italian Style Ice Cream,  rapresents a great business opportunity, but also a lifestyle, a way to be, a way to live; a real Concept where words like " "Health, Freshness, Organic, Natural" find a natural "homestaying", Where the great attention at the quality of food, of the Ingredients, and the great attention put into all preparations, are an habit, naturally part of the daily job. And this is also what we try to transfer to all the attendants of our Gelato Courses.



Basically, professional Italian Gelato-Makers, with several year of experience, usually ex-owners of Gelato shops who loves to travel around the world, eager to bring and share their experience to new generation of entrepreneurs.

And also professionals Gelato makers experienced at the most famous italian Manufacturer Companies specialized in Gelato products and equipments. Read more


Course description and contents

LucaMari Co. Ltd. courses are designed to meet different needs, depending level of experience and requirements. Several topics are afforded along our courses, such as:

  • What is Gelato and how to make it - organize and manage their own Italian Gelato – Ice cream business.
  • Technology of Ingredients, characteristics, and how they affect Gelato
  • Production methods and techniques - To organize all the steps of the production
  • General Information and Notions on Gelato Equipments, How to select the right ones, sized on the proper needs, How to set up a Gelato Kitchen and shop, properly
  • How to create, arrange, modify, Gelato Recipes, with different options and several examples 
  • How to manage investments, costs, and incomes - To purchase the raw materials and ingredients with the knowledge in it
  • HACCP basic notions - To run job under the correct HACCP system
  • How to manage leftover, and revitalize sales

Following, some example of our Gelato Courses



Gelato - Basic course  ("3 days" course) Limited number of attendants

3 days deeply dived into Gelato field. All the above topics afforded clearly  and crystall, to let you get all the basic information and knowledge necessary to start your own Gelato shop and Business. It is for aspiring gelato entrepreneurs who want to learn the basics of gelato production. Three days in the classroom/laboratory to learn and put into practice fundamental concept. Subjects included:

  • Machines, Equipments, Tools of job needed
  • Ingredients, Raw materials, Semi-finished products, compound ingredients
  • Investment and Profitability
  • Milk based flavors, Fruit flavors and Sorbets
  • Creation of recipes
  • Fundamentals for a well managed ice cream business

The class has limited number of seats available, in order to well follow each student for a more better understanding  


Customized course (Private)

Individual or private groups, for singles or teams, whoever has special requirements, tailored on specific needs, such as :

  • Assistant in opening and inaugurating a new gelato shop
  • Product diversification and improvement
  • Staff training
  • Recipes analysis
  • Productin process Improvement

Customized courses can be held also at customer's location


Who should take LucaMari Co. Ltd course?

Whowever aimed to run a Gelato Parlour, Ice cream Shop

Whoever approach  this new business and want to have the right knowledge in order to spend his own money properly.

Whoever want to avoid to loose money in wrong, mistaken investment

Whoever want to learn how to make Gelato Flavors in the typically "Italian Style"

Whoever wants to enlarge an exixting business adding Gelato besides exixting proposals.

... or simply, whoever is just a Gelato Lover, and want to get more about it !!!





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Course description and contents

Who should take Lucamari course?



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