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Mec3 is an Italian dynamic firm and one of the world leading company in production of ingredients and semi-processed products for artisan ice-cream and pastry. Mec3 is located in the pleasant area of Romagna hills, near to the sea, and reflects the characteristics of a nice Italian region. In fact such elements as respect for tradition, hard working, strong international vocation, cordiality and sympathy, flexibility and great dynamism, characterize both Mec3 and people from Romagna.


Mec3 was founded in 1984. Since then it became, in a very few years, the reference point of the artisan ice-cream production market. Every year Mec3 creates new flavours and tastes for the sweet world of the artisan ice-cream. The firm has always been successful in presenting its new ideas.


Mascarpone Tiramisù, Bianco & Nero®, Meringue, Bacio Bianco, Panna Cotta, Fiordibosco®, Marylim, Carapino, Scrok!, Sacher, Dolcelatte® and Cookies® are some of the products, which have been created by Mec3 professional technicians and have delighted lovers of the ice-cream all over the world.


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